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About us

NSH TRAINING LIMITED, was established in 2003 by Neil providing food-related training. The business has been associated with local colleges in the Cumbria and Lancashire area, providing foundation and intermediate food hygiene courses.

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Who will benefit?

These courses are aimed at anyone working in a catering or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked and handled

The Company

NSH TrainingLimited is registered with both the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the HABC Highfield. Both of these bodies meet with the National Minimum Standards of Ofsted and Environmental Health

Our responsibilities

An understanding of the terminology used in food safety.

An understanding of the concept of food hazards, how the risk of food poisoning can be contained and be able to identify common food contaminants.

An understanding of how temperature control can minimise the multiplication of bacteria.

An understanding that food handlers can impose a risk to food safety and the importance of personal hygiene.

The skills and understanding, the importance of cleaning premises and equipment to promote hygiene practises.

NSH Training LTD introduces George Woods

NSH Training Limited would like to introduce George Woods. George provides the Health and Safety Courses He has a vast amount of experience in this field - he has been a Safety inspector at a local shipyard and a Safety Officer at Furness College.

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Free funding may be available for the courses listed - please contact us for further details.